netellerWhen you deal with online casinos, and especially when dealing with any online casino in New Jersey, the simple fact of the matter is that you will probably come across the name Neteller. Neteller is one of many e-wallets that work with online casinos. For those who may not know, e-wallets are resources by which people and businesses can transfer money. In many ways they are exactly like bank accounts, but in many other ways they are different.

Neteller’s story began in 1999 in Canada, but before long the company was relocated to the Isle of Man, which is just off the coast of the United Kingdom. So, while it originated as a Canadian business, Neteller is referred to as a UK company now. Very recently, the company was purchased by one of its competitors, though it has retained the original name. For anyone with any bit of experience in the online casino industry, the Neteller name has long been a staple of trust and security.

Deposit and Withdrawing at Online Casinos with Neteller

If you have just signed up at a New Jersey online casino and are looking to make a deposit, Neteller is often one of the best options for you. Not only do they make things as easy and straightforward as possible, they also protect you in ways that other methods of banking simply cannot.

If it is a deposit you are looking to make, there is actually very little you have to do. Apart from supplying your login credential and authorizing the deposit to take place, your life is easy. In a matter of minutes, your newly created player account will be funded and ready to go. If you have been playing at a particular online casino for a while and are looking to cash out winnings, the process to do so is almost identical to how you deposit.

One thing that must be noted is the existence of fees. No matter where you are playing your online casino games, the fact of the matter is that fees levied against deposits and withdrawals are how these sites make their money. No matter where you go, there will be fees; this is a simple fact that cannot be avoided. Luckily, you will find that the fees charged on Neteller transactions are generally pretty low when compared to other methods of banking.

Of course, the fees also vary from site to site. So while one site may charge a 4% fee on all deposits, another may feature a fee of only 1.5%. For this reason, we encourage you to do all the appropriate research before choosing an online casino at which to play. All too many people sign up at a site without looking at the fees charged on deposits and withdrawals and, by then, it’s too late.

Why Would Anyone Use Neteller?

Understanding that just about every adult owns a credit card or debit card and, for comparison, barely anyone owns a Neteller account, why would you want to go through the extra effort of creating an account and depositing that way? While there are likely thousands of very personal replies to that inquiry, the overarching reason has everything to do with the amount of personal financial information you are giving out to people and organizations whom you do not really know.

With credit/debit card transactions, for example, you are required to quite literally give the online casino every bit of your personal financial information. Even though New Jersey online casinos are legitimate organizations and will never use this information unscrupulously, there still exists fear that your financial information may fall into the wrong hands. After all, if companies like Target can be hacked and have their customers’ information stolen, an online casino can have the same thing happen.

Because of the constant existence of cyber-threats, people opt for the security presented to them by Neteller. As opposed to all of the personal information you must give away to transact via credit/debit cards, Neteller requires you to do nothing more than enter your login credentials. Even the credentials with which you login to Neteller are not known to the online casino. For this reason, you will never have to worry about waking up one day with all of your accounts liquidated.

There are many other reasons why one might use Neteller as well. In our opinion, Neteller deposits are more painless than credit/debit cards. After all, in order to authorize a Neteller transaction all you need to do is type in an email address and password. With credit cards, as was mentioned before, you need to provide the card number, billing address, expiration date, and security code. Being that very few people know all of this info off the top of their head, it is plain to see why Neteller would be preferred.

All in all, New Jersey online casinos make it very easy for you to deposit funds as well as withdraw them. Neteller, however, is amongst the most user-friendly of all those options.