Free Spins

Free Slots SpinsAt many New Jersey online casinos, you will see prospective customers lured in through a variety of bonuses and promotions claiming to give you free money in one way or another. While many of these bonuses necessitate a deposit, there are some that do not.

Free spin bonuses are included in this, and work by giving players a certain amount of free slot play just for creating an account and signing up. While it may seem difficult to believe, these bonuses really are as simple as they sound. The following few sections will highlight everything you need to know about free spin bonuses and will highlight a few New Jersey online casinos that offer them.

How They Work

As was mentioned above, free spins bonuses are given to players just for signing up. Usually, the bonus is unlocked via a code that you enter around the same time you create an account, but sometimes the bonus is given whether you enter a code or not. Most of the online casinos featured here on offer either free bankrolls or some type of free spins offer included once you sign up and create an account.

Once the free spin bonus has been activated, you are free to play slot games until the free spins have been exhausted. Naturally, a question most people have is with regard to whether or not any money won by way of the free spins is actually credited to your player account. There is both a short and long answer to this question.

The short answer is that, yes, any money won from your use of a free spin bonus does, in fact, become your money to keep and use in any way you would like. The long answer, however, is that any of these funds are not necessarily able to be cashed out. Well, they will be eligible for cash out, but only once you fulfill certain wagering requirements. Furthermore, most sites will mandate that at least one deposit be made before any of the money is eligible to be cashed out. The wagering requirements and any other terms relating to the bonus will be spelled out in detail in the terms and conditions of the bonus itself.

Why They Are Offered

It might make no sense that online casinos are willing to simply give away free play, but this is a tactic that has long been employed by brick and mortar and online casinos alike. The reasoning behind this type of bonus is to get players to sign-up and begin playing without having to risk any of their own money. The thought is, if they play for free and enjoy their experience, they are more likely to eventually make a deposit and continue playing with their own funds.

For a player, this type of bonus is advantageous because if you apply for the free spin bonus and end up hating the site at which you are playing, you can simply cancel your account and move on to the next site. With other bonuses that require an initial deposit to be made, you will have already deposited money into an account before you realize you do not actually enjoy playing at the site in question.

Think of it like free samples at a grocery store. Companies and vendors are willing to give out small portions of their product for free in hopes that you will enjoy what you received and turn around and buy the product.

Difference Between Free Spins and Free Money

While a free spins bonus is, in essence, a bonus that gives you money for free, there are other bonuses that quite literally give you free money. These bonuses work in the exact same fashion as free spin bonuses in that they are given to players simply for signing up. Typically, you will see a player given anywhere from $10-$25 in free play.

Unlike free spins, which are to only be used on slot games, free money bonuses give you playable money that can be used on just about any and every game out there. Whether you want to play a few hands of blackjack or spin the roulette wheel, the choice is yours. Much like free spin bonuses, however, free money bonuses often necessitate that a deposit be made prior to any of the bonus money (and winnings stemming from the bonus money) are eligible to be cashed out.

As far as which bonus type—free spins or free money—is better, that much is difficult to say. If you are a slots player then naturally the free spins bonus is right up your alley. If, however, slots are only part of the picture, a free money, no deposit bonus may be exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to shop around because online casinos in New Jersey are currently doing everything they can to build up their customer base, and what that means for you are extremely valuable bonuses that give you the opportunity to really cash in.